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Since 1897

104 N. Christian  P.O. Box 170 Moundridge, KS 67107
Phone:  (620) 345-2442   

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Welcome to the NEW HOME of Goering Hardware!

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Ship to Store

Do you know about Ship to Store? This allows us to be a part of the “World’s Largest Hardware Store.” If you are need of a product that we don’t carry in Moundridge, you can go to and purchase what you need. You can then have it shipped to our store FREE! We’ll let you know when it comes in! Click on the Do it Best logo for more info.

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We get to renew our fascination with color whenever and however we want. We collect it in journals and in drawers. We curate it from our travels and capsules in time. Our love for it is one thing we are never afraid to share with the world.

Color Journeys is a celebration of this passion and a destination for enthusiasts everywhere. For all who seek it, catalog it, and experiment with it, Color Journeys is your inspiration lab and virtual studio, filled with tools to help your next paint project become something spectacular.

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Every Bradford White water heater is Built to be the Best and designed for outstanding performance. You can be confident your family will have hot water when they need it, every day, year after year.

Bradford White has over 60 ENERGY STAR rated water heaters that provide outstanding
efficiency to lower your energy usage and save you money on your utility bill every month.

Bradford White water heaters are designed and built for safe operation with features like the Defender Safety System that delivers peace of mind for your family. Additionally installation by a qualified plumbing professional ensures both optimal and safe operation that meets local codes.

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